Handyman in Manchester

In this busy world where everybody is has so much already in their plates, doing their work on their own is difficult to do.  Especially big city people are more vulnerable in this aspect; because of their hectic and busy life they can’t do their own work.  And to ease their worries Handyman in Manchester try its best to provide their services which are worth their customer’s money.  Any kind of work you want to be done, you can rely on our services. Knowing the nature of work is extremely important before doing any kind of work and this is our specialty that we know what we do.

Furthermore, there are other Handyman in Manchester services in area, which guarantee you the best work, but at the end they disrupt your workplace or home with their work. Mostly, this happens due to amateur workers, which company hires to save their money, but that’s not this work should be done, we believe in honesty and supremacy in work that should be provided, so this is the purpose our staff is well oriented and trained in every manner.

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Goal of AW Maintenance

AW Maintenance is the family oriented company with a goal to provide services like no one else. Whatever the work is, whether its plumbing, decoration, or tiling, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our work. Above all, we believe in customer friendly approach, so give all your worries a rest because you can lean on us.

Our work our pride

We are confident that we have best handymen in Manchester, and this confidence is not just a bluff. Our work is our living proof.  We have provided services to various well known people of our area. We have built our reputation with our hard work and providing the best possible services to our customers.

Team’s attributes

Our handymen staff is not an average staff, which every other company has.  In fact we are strict in assigning the work to our handymen.  Before assigning any kind of work we consider the customer’s needs and our worker’s abilities, only if both of them align, then we assign that particular work to that particular customer. We don’t consider anything less than the best in every kind of work, and that’s what which make us unique.

Reasons to choose us

Our service handyman Manchester covers domestic and commercial clients in and around the great Manchester, and provide variety of services including construction, renovation, plumbing, electric work, tilling or much more. So, with any kind of work you can trust us. We provide trained, capable, quick, and equipped workers who know their work by heart, and can manage any kind of work in no time.  Because of our staff’s abilities they conserve your time and money, and give you the results according to your demand. Other than that, we as a company has a vision to accomplish with our work and services, we are not like other companies, which are only concerned with the money they earned, we have our values and set standards, which we want to accomplish with our work in future, and that’s make us more than able to be your next stop.

Economical choice

If you decide to choose us, then rest assured you are at right place, because not just we provide our services to its best, but also in very reasonable prices.  We have set of prices for variety of work, but if you want to negotiate your price according to your work then no problem we are here to help you, and explain you about the things that maybe you are skipping while considering cost.  Anyways, we provide you the services of your money’s worth.


From minor to major, any kind of work, we are ready to help.  Whether you need help with construction, or you want hand in painting your home, or you want cleaning services, long story short we are here to help you with any kind of work.  We specialize in many categories of services, which we provide such as construction, electrician, painter, plumber, joinery, tiling etc.

How we work

There are five simple steps we follow

  • Call or book online

  • Schedule the day and time according to your convenience

  • Our handyman do the work

  • Pay after the work is done and you are satisfied with your work

  • Follow up feedback meeting or call to ensure your satisfaction in terms of the quality of work

I hope this answers all your queries, but in case you have any, feel free to contact us.