Bespoke Built in TV Units

Get Beautifully Crafted Bespoke TV Units for Your Home

The setup for your entertainment unit affects the ambience of the entire living room. A decent unit should do more than accommodate your TV. It must complement the space, provide sufficient storage and keep the area neat. Bespoke TV units meet all these needs because they are designed to satisfy specific demands. AW Maintenance does carpentry work, including creating bespoke TV furniture in a variety of sizes, finishes and configurations.

You can order a made to measure setup for your TV and media equipment, allowing you to maintain order in a room. We design cabinets that provide unobstructed cable access, so you can adjust your media unit without any trouble. The setup also hides cables to prevent them from gathering around the TV and distracting viewers. Order built-in or freestanding bespoke TV cabinets from us.

The Appeal of Bespoke Media Units

With a custom made TV unit, you get a unique piece designed to your specifications. Therefore, you can be as creative as you would like with the inspiration. Whether you prefer something traditional or wish to adopt the latest trend, we can craft the furniture you need. Bespoke TV entertainment units are configured to individual spaces. So, we consider the size of the room, existing furnishings and layout.

Whether you want drawers, shelves or doors on your cabinet depends on your storage needs. For example, if you are big on displays, then a bespoke TV unit must have enough shelves. Hence, explain what else you need the piece to do. If you want doors, pick from flip-down, sliding and flap. Thanks to the wide selection of wood finishes, you can easily find media units that match your living room’s decor. Give your audio visual equipment the treatment it warrants, and get bespoke TV furniture that guarantees safety.

Furniture that Lasts

We build every piece of furniture to be durable because our clients deserve it. If you pay for a bespoke media unit, you want to make sure that it delivers good service. It must be able to handle the stress of daily use without losing its lustre or quality. We use high-grade materials for media units, which is why we offer a guarantee for all our products.

Whether you need a standalone or built-in piece, the installation process is stress-free. Our expert carpenters fit in the unit with the utmost respect for your home. So, you don’t have to fret about a damaged living room. After installation, we offer aftercare services for bespoke media units to ensure you don’t have any problems.

Tell us what you want from a bespoke TV cabinet, and we will make it happen. Get a free quote for tailor-made entertainment units to see if it meets your budget. Whatever your requirements, count on AW Maintenance to design a piece that fits the intended space perfectly.

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